FapTurbo™ 2.0 Review – Is it Worth it?

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An Income Generator on Autopilot?

If you want to get into the Forex (foreign exchange) market, you will need to build up your knowledge in order to be successful. Most experienced investors will tell you that you need an automated robot to get of the ground. Unfortunately, there are literally thousands of these robots on the market and all of them will claim to be the best of the best. I came across FapTurbo™ 2.0 recently, which is an updated version of the highly popular Fap Turbo. I decided that this one was definitely worth trying, particularly since it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

What is FapTurbo™ 2.0?

FapTurbo™ 2.0 is a Forex Robot written in the MQ4 language which works on the MetaTrader4 platform. MetaTrader4 is a very popular Trading platform which nearly every Forex broker offers. In order to work FapTurbo™ 2.0 needs to be connected to the internet. It will make suggestions on what trades to take in order to pocket a profit.

It also gives you the opportunity to run automatically. It then will place trades automatically. This saves you the hassle of sitting in front of the screen wondering when a profitable trade will come along. Therefore FapTurbo™ 2.0 is suitable for every Forex trader from novice to experienced trader alike.

FapTurbo™ 2.0 can trade up to 8 different currency pairs hence setting you up for ultimate trading success. FapTurbo™ 2.0 could bring you $21,448 in as little as 92 days without you even going to work.

What Does It Cost and What Do You Get?

FapTurbo™ 2.0 has a one time fee of $149, which might be a stretch for some people. However a great deal of people found that FapTurbo™ 2.0 is worth its money.

In addition to that the return on investment is quite quick. You get all the information and tools you need in order to generate a profitable trade. You could double your investment every month.

FapTurbo™ 2.0 is installed with one click on your computer and then it will go to work for you by:

  1. Trading automatically up to 8 different currency pairs whilst you can do something else. This is ideal if you cannot monitor your trades due to other commitments, e.g. because of a day job or just because you have something more important to do than sitting in front of a computer screen and clicking buttons. However you can devise your own trading strategies and backtest them. This will give you clues on which strategy you might want to use or develop further.
  2. Managing your trading risk. FapTurbo™ 2.0 has the Automated Risk Scaling as well as the High Spread Protection System feature which helps you to manage your trading risk in congruence with your personal risk strategy. On top of that FapTurbo™ 2.0 has a Build In Loss Prevention feature.

    FAP Bitcoin - Verified Performance

    FAP Bitcoin – Verified Performance

  3. Offering you the possibility to even trade Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the worlds first so called cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is basically virtual money which can be used to purchase products and services on the internet.
  4. Providing you with a totally hands-off experience. You install it once and then it
    goes to work for you. You can do something else. It places the trades automatically for you by mimicking the clicks you would have done. It is very active as it places 10 – 20 trades per week. It also has a low drawdown which helps you to protect your capital.


What I Liked about FapTurbo™ 2.0

  • It is indeed a trading robot that works automatically for you. You can do something else and you still earn money.
  • It is suitable for novice and experienced traders alike.
  • It can trade 8 different currencies and hence look for a profitable trade.
  • It uses several algorithms to figure out the trades which gives you a greater chance of identifying a profitable trade.
  • It has several risk managing features such as Automated Risk Scaling, High Spread Protection System, and Build In Loss Prevention feature.

What I Didn’t Like about FapTurbo™ 2.0

  • It might be difficult to set up for novices due to its many features. However FapTurbo™ 2.0 comes with a detailed manual and several videos which help you to set it up.
  • You can use FapTurbo™ 2.0 with the following two well respected brokers:
    • FX Choice | Wise choice to trade
    • Tallinex | Trade Smarter


    Final Verdict on FapTurbo™ 2.0

    FapTurbo™ 2.0 is an upgraded version of the legendary FapTurbo™. It has loads of features which help you to profit from it. You can also run backtests which is invaluable in order to understand a trading strategy that you have created. The fair price of $149 makes it worth a try. Given the fact that the FapTurbo™ 2.0 team has implemented so many risk mitigation features it is well on track to be a profitable trading robot.

    Examine FapTurbo™ 2.0 in your home for 60 days, watch the training videos, use the powerful software – do whatever it takes to convince yourself that it is possible to make money in just a few days, and finally enjoy getting rich as you’ve always wanted.
    If for any reason whatsoever, you are not completely convinced and delighted, just let me know and your membership will be cancelled, and your fee fully refunded.  You can cancel FapTurbo™ 2.0 at any time within 60 days of your purchase, and for ANY reason.

    That’s how certain I am that you are going to love FapTurbo™ 2.0 and make it work for you. This is an opportunity that is bound to change your live – so make a decision now…

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Sam says:
I started FAP Turbo yesterday with $5,000, just want to let you know that now my balance is $ 7,000. So far I am very impressed.

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